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License Questions

The following link to the Tennessee Department of Education Office of Teacher Licensing will provide information to teachers about licensing.
In July 2015 the State Board of Education approved new policies regarding education licensure. in the state of Tennessee. This document outlines the procedures for transitioning existing license to the new license.

Frequently Asked Questions

I recently moved. How do I change my address? I recently married. How do I change my name?
The Office of Teacher Licensing offers detailed instructions on changing names and addresses.

How do I renew my license?
It is the teacher's responsibility to renew his/her teaching license. The Renewal of Teacher Licenses page provides information about each type of license and how to renew. Before mailing your completed license renewal form, please make a copy and send it to Personnel at the central office so that they can provide assistance should it become necessary.

I am interested in adding an endorsement/degree to my existing license, what do I do?

The Office of Teacher Licensing provides information regarding the addition of an endorsement or a degree. Teachers should download the appropriate paperwork from the site.