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School Nutrition

Mission Statement

We are dedicated to students' health, well-being and their ability to learn. We support learning by offering nutritious foods, to serve meals on time so that class schedules are met, to provide a friendly atmosphere and to greet students with a smile. We encourage each student to participate.



The Tipton County Food Service Is made up of 14 schools with over 100 cafeteria employees who work to provide safe, healthy and nutritional meals on a daily basics. Our staff have HACCP training thru out the school year to maintain the highest cleanliness standards and food safety for our students and staff. The cafeterias are inspected by the State Health Department twice a year to maintain our high standards. We are funded by USDA and follow their requirements and guidelines in order for us to get that reimbursement. The Food Service program is self-supporting program.

Student Accounts

Each student is assigned a school lunch ID number.  The number identifies the individual student account for recording cafeteria purchases and payments.  Each student's eligibility status (free, reduced, or full pay) is discreetly programmed into their account.  Students key in their own ID number on a numeric key pad as they go through the serving line.

Breakfast price for a reduced student is $.30 per day and the full price student is $1.00 a day for a reimbursable meal

Lunch price for a reduce student is $.40 per day and the full price student is $2.25 a day for a reimbursable meal

For a week of meals (breakfast and lunch) the reduce student will need $3.50 and the full price student will need $16.25

If a student currently has a cash balance or debit balance (owes) in his/her account and transfers to another Tipton County school, then all credits/debits will transfer with the student.


Parents have the ability to monitor their child’s account on line with PayPams. This will show the spending history, payments made at the school and low balance notifications. Students who are unable to pay for their meals at the time of service are allowed to charge a lunch meal and will receive a reimbursable meal according to Tipton County Board Charge Policy. However, payment is expected for all charges. Letters will be sent home weekly informing parents of delinquent accounts.





Reimbursable meals

At breakfast we are required to offer four components to students; Reimbursable breakfast offerings include: grain, meat/meat alternate, fruit or vegetable, and milk.

  • 1-2 ounce equivalent servings of bread/grain,
  • 8 oz. carton of milk,
  • ½ cup serving of fruit or vegetable or ½ cup serving of 100% juice.

 Students are required to take a serving of fruit for us to count it as a reimbursable meal.

At lunch, we are required to “offer” students five components with each meal. Students are required to take three of those five components in order for us to count it as a “reimbursable meal”. One of the 3 must be a serving of fruit or vegetable.

 The components we offer are:

  • 2 oz. Meat/Meat alternate
  • 1-2 oz. grain
  • 2- ½ cup fruit
  • 2- ½ cup vegetable
  • 8 oz. carton of milk

No charging is allowed on ala carte items, adult meals or visitor meals.

We do not receive reimbursement for adult meals or a second full meal for a student.

Applications for Meal Benefits (free or reduce status)


  1. Return ONE application PER FAMILY for free or reduce meal benefits as soon as possible.
  2. If you received a LETTER stating your student is free through the DCRT, DO NOT SEND an application back.
  3. ATTENTION! If you were free or reduced last year and do not fit under #2, you must send back a completed application.
  4. All complete applications are processed within 5 business days of received and stamped at the Central Office. A letter will be sent home with your child to notify you of the status





Managers of Elementary Schools;

Janet Pearson                Austin Peay                     840-9342

Amy Mattox                   Atoka                                840-9546

Kim Thomas                    Brighton                          840-9511

Brenda Burnett             Crestview                        840-9312

Lynne Archer                 CIAA                                  840-9167

Patricia Cooper              Drummonds                   840-9766

Bobbie Cooper                            Munford                         840-9716


Managers of Middle Schools:

Virginia Frazier               Brighton                          840-9473

Teresa Sage                    Crestview                        840-9261

Johnny Smith                 Munford                          840-9670


Managers of High Schools:

Sharon Fryer                  Brighton                          840-9411

Susan Goforth               Covington                       840-9221

Tracy McKell                   Munford                          840-9625



Henry Glass, Director of Food Service at 475-5820

Application questions call Christine Thornton at 475-3499

Bookkeeping questions call  Evette Curtis at 475-3488