Tipton County Schools

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Board Members

On behalf of the Tipton County Board of Education, let me express our thanks for allowing us the opportunity to serve the children of this great county. If you have concerns or constructive input, please don't hesitate to reach out to us. Your district representative's email is here for that exact purpose. We are looking forward to an amazing year!


                                                                                                          - Marty Burlison

                                                                                                            School Board Chair


 District 1

Mr. Isaiah Davidson
[email protected]



District 2clark

Mr. Steve Clark
[email protected]




District 3

Mr. Marty Burlison

[email protected]



District 4

Mr. Grant Shipley

[email protected]

District 5

 Mr. Farrel Vincent
[email protected]


District 6   julia

Ms. Mary Proctor
[email protected]

District 7

Mr. Alvis Ferrell

[email protected]

District 8


Ms. Belinda Rozell

[email protected]



District 9







Mrs. Laurie McClerkin                                      [email protected]county.com