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Update to Tipton County Schools reopen plan

After discussions with our County Executive, as well as, updated recommendations from the Health Dept, LeBonheur, and the UT HSC - we agree that masks are an appropriate next step to slow the spread of COVID 19. Masks will be required in Tipton County Schools.

Our hope is that this (and proper social distancing protocols) will help us keep schools open for learning with a longer timeline.

Check our plan next week at http://tipton-county.com for revisions.

Special Education Records

The Tipton County School system is giving written notice to parents regarding student special education records. Records of students that have been inactivated by moving, mainstreaming, graduating, etc., are kept at the Tipton County Board of Education for three (3) years. In accordance to the confidentiality law, the records are destroyed after three years. If you would like a copy of your child's record, please contact Michelle at (901)475-5808 no later than June 13, 2020.
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