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Muzology at Crestview Middle School

It's been about a month since seventh grade math teacher Alan Willey began implementing Muzology at Crestview Middle and the results have been significant, he said.

Muzology is a digital learning platform which uses music videos to teach curriculum and make learning fun, says the company’s website overview. Tipton County Schools was chosen as the West Tennessee hub to test out the program.

I look at it like a modern-day School House Rock,” said Willey. “The students like it and the music really relates to them.”

Willey stated that he knew the program was working when a parent told him she'd caught her son singing a math song at home.

One day I put a video on so we could work as a group and as soon as it started playing they were in here doing the hand motions,” he said.

Students are even logging into Muzology at home without having assignments.

While it has proven to be an excellent resource to teach complex math solutions, Willey says that instruction time is still necessary.

It's not going to teach your lesson for you but it's a great supplement,” he said. “I'm very pleased with the program.”

With playlists which relate to what is being covered in the classroom, the students say they are gaining a better understanding of the subjects.

It's really helped me a lot,” said seventh grader Jacob Walls. “It's better than him just sitting up there talking and it keeps me reminded in my head because of the songs.”

Taylor Henderson and Ian Robinson agree and said music is fun to listen to as well.

Many of the students were happy to show off their new math moves and grooves.

Muzology is also being used at Munford Middle School with Mrs. Jennifer Botticello.